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The Damage Report with DJ Damage Episode 2

Episode 2 of DJ Damage’s new show: The Damage Report. This show is about Ladies Fashion! Damage sits down with Brittany DeShields of B. Des Clothing and Venisha Gonzalez of Vezalez Shoes. Plus a special celebrity interview with singer, songwriter, musician and filmmaker Dave Patten!!!


Our Very Own DJ Damage, Co-Hosts 106 and Park SWAG!!!

DJ Damage is doing big things!!! Check out the host of The Damage Report co-hosting BET’s 106 and Park!!!! So much SWAG!! (Click the photo to watch the video)

Author Kevin Carr: Book release party!

India Lee

If women ever needed that special tool to help them understand men and relationships, then they have found just that in the book “If All Men Are Dogs Then Women You Hold the Leash”! African-American author Kevin Carr, who wrote the book to encourage women to take control of their relationships, recently had his Official Book Launch Party at the flashy, fashionable and popular PNK Elephant Accessories store. (504 South St. Philadelphia, PA).

As the guests entered the venue the women were greeted with elegant red roses. Rose petals were also sprinkled on every step, clearly setting the tone for a night of romance and catering to women from the beginning. The perfect color combination of red, silver, and black, along with the low lights and soft music created an elegance for the evening.

In addition to the beautiful atmosphere, a fruity sangria and an assortment of hearty foods & desserts were served to those who came to show love and support Kevin. A humorous and creative touch were the little dog bones scattered between tables symbolizing the books title “If All Men Are Dogs…”

Guests packed the venue, including Mia Mendez from Hot 107.9. Music for the event was provided by DJ Greg Nitty. The event was hosted by Darcel of Hot 107.9 and actor Todd Anthony. This duo engaged the crowd with games like “Judge a Book by its Cover”, and raffled off prizes from sponsor Ms. Jessie’s (hair care products).

Later in the evening, Carr discussed his inspiration for the book and the process of writing and publishing it. He shared with guests how it had been a tiring process, with its share of discouragement and road blocks but also triumph and success. The book alone is an inspiration; a reminder that with hard work and perseverance we can do whatever we desire. Kevin ended the night by signing copies of books for everyone who purchased and supported his dream. And upon further examination we find that Kevin is not just an author of a new book, but also, the author of his own destiny.

The Damage Report with DJ Damage (episode 1)

In Episode 1, DJ Damage interviews Gianni Lee of Babylon Cartel, Showtizzi of The SupaFly Boys and Rapper The Game!!!

The Damage Report Premieres TONIGHT!

Do not forget to tune in tonight to watch the premiere of the Damage Report. Catch DJ Damage stopping by schools to motivate and of course, watch him do what he does best, SPIN MUSIC!

Gift Guide: His Shoe Collection (Winter 2011)

The holidays are fast approaching! Do you need to buy a gift for that special guy in your life? Or guys do you need to look the part for all of the holiday parties and events??? WELL you are in the RIGHT PLACE!!!

One of the most attractive and noticeable things on a male is his style and one of the most important staples in a male’s wardrobe is his shoe collection. With that said, I’ve decide to focus on the universal staple of every guy’s closet : The Shoe!

Now every man is not alike, and everyone has their own style. Some guys feel perfectly comfortable in stylish sneakers, others prefer dapper dress shoes, the rest fall somewhere in the middle. Of course the style of shoe also depends on the event in which he is attending, and ALL of this depends on the man. With so many factors, styles of dress and events I’ve decided to do a 3 part series. This series will focus on The Shoe and will be divided into 3 Categories : Formal, Casual, and Going Out. The 5 Personality Types I will focus on are: Creative, Athletic, Romantic, Fashionisto, Relaxed, and Classic. I’ve also designed outfits around each shoe selected….. WHEW!  Let’s begin!


(click on images to enlarge)

 Formal Wear

Whether it’s homecoming , a holiday party or an “industry” networking event,  every man needs a great pair of formal shoes! While it is not required that you wear a pair of dress shoes, it’s best if you do not wear your nike sneakers or timberland boots that you wore earlier while out with your friends. I’ve seen it happen… its not attractive… at all!  In addition to picking out the shoe, I’ve put together a few outfits for you, something for every style!


(click image to buy)

Creative: Hawkings McGill Leather Brogue Shoe $78

This shoe is perfect for the creative guy going to a formal event. These shoes are not your typical brogues and the two-tone color gives it a pop. It’s classic yet sets you apart from the crowd. These shoes would look best with khaki toned pants and a classic white button down , so the shoes will be the center of attention. Any addition accessories are totally optional, so I decided to add a bowtie to keep the outfit interesting.


(click image to buy)

Athletic: Pointer Debaser Sneaker $110

This sneaker is not your average sneaker, it looks more like a shoe, which is why it is perfect for a formal event. It keeps its class while still being comfortable for the guy who is always in sneakers. These shoes look magnificent with a dark grey straight utility pant and off white button down. Since there’s three different colors, I decided to bring the attention back to the sneakers by adding a tan and brown watch.


(click to buy) 

Romantic: Clarks England 'Deane' Loafer $89.95

This shoe is classic while still being comfortable for the guy that girls swoon over. It’s absolutely perfect for a formal event because they keep your look classic and put together, but allow you to dance all night long. A great pair with these shoes is a straight black pant with a stark white button down. To bring out the black and white in the outfit, I added a red and blue stripe tie, which gave it the effortless prep look.


(click to buy) 
                            Fashionisto: Cole Haan ‘Dwight’ Loafer $99.90                   

This is the shoe for the guy who is always head of the game when it comes to fashion. When you think formal, these would not be the first loafer to come to mind , However it works perfectly. The tan loafer is comfortable yet looks like you’ve dressed to impress. These shoes had to be paired with an outfit that stands out just as much. I chose the classic khaki tan pants with an off-white button down. To make the outfit unique, I added an navy cable-knit cardigan and an orange bat print bow-tie.


(click to buy)

Relaxed: Hawkings McGill Westport Derby Shoe $88

The relaxed guy is not the one who spends hours in the mirror, however he obviously wants to look nice when going to a special event. This shoe fits him perfectly as it is effortlessly chic. To keep with the effortlessly chic vibe, a pair of khaki straight pants were added with a red button down for a pop of color. To give the outfit a relaxed kick, I added a brown watch.


(click to buy)

Classic: Giorgio Brutini $60

This shoe is absolutely classic which is why its perfect for that classic guy. As formals are normally a classic event, this is his time to shine. To keep that classic feel, I added a black straight chino with a white button down and black and white pinstripe tie. Along with the outfit, a dark navy blazer was added, which brings the entire outfit together in a classic unison.

That’s all for now but REMEMBER this is a 3 Part Series!!! Make sure you check back for my “Going Out” and “Casual Wear” picks!

***** BONUS SHOE*****

Even though its not a formal shoe you will DEFINITELY make a statement in all the bonus shoes I feature.

This week’s bonus shoe is The Griffeys!

(This shoe is a  Splurge!)

Fans say:

“I love the griffeys, i say there my favorite because there unique. there’s really not another shoe like them, like there a fierce shoe you cant go wrong with them”

“Probably my pearl foams because they’re dope.”

Ok until next time…SWAG!!!

Written by Kiyla Armstead

Men’s Fashion: The Snapback

The New Era: Snapbacks
India Lee

In this generation, fashion trends change faster than the weather.

However, a lot of young men these days are finding comfort in a returning style of head wear, the snapback.

Ice Cube and member of NWA rocking this classic style.

The snapback is nothing new; it’s a recycled accessory that was originally around in the mid-80s and early 90s. It became popular during the era when rap music was blossoming. In old 90s music videos and old NBA award ceremonies you are bound to see pictures of Ice Cube, Michael Jordan, Will Smith, and many other celebrities who were active during that time, rocking snapbacks like it was their job.

Will Smith sporting a snapback among Michael Jordan and others.

That’s the great quality of the young generation of today; they’re taking more and more older styles and recycling them. The snapback did not become popular, however, until about the end of 2010.  Now, every time a young guy is getting ready to go out, whether it be to the club or to the movies, the snapback seems to be a “must have”. A lot of guys wear this hat because it completes their “swag”; well at least that’s what it seems like.

It’s just the perfect accessory to top off a fly outfit”

says Xzavier Howard, a junior in high school.

No matter how cliché that sounds, it is absolutely true. The snapback completes the “vintage” look for any outfit.

Kobe Bryant sporting a popular Lakers snapback and showing his Jersey.

There are three lead brands that offer the snapback hat: New Era™, Mitchell and Ness™ and TI$A.
Visit these websites to get the hottest snapbacks:

Just a little taste of the broad collection that is found in stores!

The snapback look is colorful, creative and fun.  Most snapbacks are eye catching because of their amazing combinations of colors, putting bright purples with bold blues, daring greens with robust oranges. But what sets them aside from other hats is the fact that they have the adjustable snap in the back, hence the name. Snapbacks can be bought in a wool blend but the most popular foundation of the snapback is the cotton- twill.

Topping off his outfit with a matching Blue and Grey snapback.

The cotton twill hat is designed with soft cotton material and the underlying brim is grey or green, no matter the color of the hat. Once a person has caught a glimpse of the green underlying brim, automatically, they know they’re in the presence of a vintage snapback! Actually, the green brim represents the green flourishing fields on which baseball was played since this popular and much adored hat has its roots in sports, the heart ofAmerica. Alongside baseball teams, there are snapbacks that are offered from all sports, including hockey, basketball, and football.

The Hornets snapback, which is bright blue and purple is one of the most popular snapbacks of today.

The snapback truly made a comeback with a huge buzz and this trend will not be fading anytime soon. This style will most definitely withstand the test of time because men of all ages and races are sporting these absolutely stylish caps!

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