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The Damage Report Episode 6

In this Episode @TheRealDJDAMAGE sits down with Reggae recording artist @TeffTV, Philly’s own @YoungChris and releases a special lost interview with @Rej3ctz Check it out!!!


Damage Report Episode 5

DJ Damage sits down with Chi Chi Enigwe of The Phoenix PR (@thephoenixpr) and Dyana Williams of 100.3 WRNB to talk about women making POWER MOVES!!! Ladies here’s some tips to help you make your mark on the world!!!

The Damage Report (Episode 4)

Ladies are Hip Hop!!! In this episode Damage sits down with Dancer Shanika B, Tattoo Artist Shawna (@InkQueen33) and Model Ms Cat. @MsCat215 Check it out! Ladies ARE Hip Hop!!!

The Damage Report Episode 3

This week DJ Damage talks community service with Phresh Philadelphia, The Dollar Boys and reality TV star, Javis Dortch. Check it out!!!

Spotlight: Top 10 Fall/Winter Trends for Women (01-05)

So the weather’s getting colder, and of course you want to dress appropriately, but it is not necessary to look like the Michelin man. Of course there are the usual tights, sweaters and boots as winter trends, but the trends for this winter are absolutely hot and different. As you know if you live in the Northeast, the weather here can be brutal at times. If you live somewhere slightly warmer, wear lighter layers and anywhere colder (I.e Maine) definitely wear heavier layers. As this is mainly a guideline, welcome to the first half of the Ten Trends to Keep You Looking Hot in Freezing Weather


Comfortable, Warmer than normal jeans and Stylish. Why wouldn’t one desire a pair?. Cords are a huge staple in one’s wardrobe this winter. They come in almost every color, every style; Their versatility only adds to their appeal. There’s no way that someone cannot find a pair of corduroys to match their style, they even have corduroy skirts!.

Definitely Hot...and Keeps You Warm

The outfit I created above is based around the Jade colored cords. Since Jewel tones are in for this winter as well, I decided to incorporate that in with my outfit. I then chose a regular white tank top, then added the cream colored thick sweater cardigan. This keeps the colors basic and keeps the focus on the cords. I then added a brown scarf for warmth, tan boots which are both practical and stylish. An owl necklace and dangling earrings were added for fun.

Faux Fur

When you think of fur, you inevitably think of warmth in the coldest weather. Well, this is what this trend is about, warmth and style. Faux Fur is truly in because its both animal friendly and keeping with the winter fur trend. You can incorporate this trend in almost all of your everyday outfits from huge fur vests to small fur earmuffs.

Fierce! and Versatile!

For this outfit I chose a leopard print vest, and paired it with ripped black skinny jeans and a white thermal shirt. I wanted the vest to stand out, so I chose basic colors. I then added black sneakers with pink details to give it a more street style look. As accessories, I added a wing necklace and gold studs to keep the punk street style.

Fair Isle

Its often seen on sweaters and scarves, and it makes you think of cold weather and cozying up with a cup of hot chocolate. Fair Isle print is perfect for winter and can be seen in many different styles. Whether it is the traditional sweater or the not-so traditional leggings, you’ll feel warm and cozy with this print

Beautiful Print makes you feel at home.

In this outfit, I chose a pair of Fair Isle tights and a Fair Isle print scarf. I then paired the two with a cream colored sweater tunic, to break up the print. I then added silver bangles and silver hoops as silver went well with the black and white combo. To finish off the look , I added flat black booties.

Long Socks

This trend is perfect for layering over tights or even your jeans for added warmth. This all depends on the climate in which you live. You can even wear the socks with a dress or skirt or even shorts!. These socks are so versatile, you can scrunch them over your boots or you can hide them under them. Anyway you want to wear these socks, they’ll work for you.

Scrunch them into boots, or let their appeal show!

For this outfit, I chose a pair of grey fair isle print long socks. I then added a grey sweater and blue skinny jeans to keep the look basic and fresh. I added brown boots to give a little color . For accessories I added a grey scarf and a charm bracelet with black and grey accents.

Long Maxi Dress/Skirt

Although they are often seen during the summer , these items can work during the winter as well. You can still be warm with them as you can hide tights and pants under it and no one will ever know. They’re still very fashionable and cute and you can dress it up or dress it down. Maxi Dresses and Skirts are an item that can transfer from your summer/fall wardrobe into your winter.

Long Dress that leaves a Long Lasting Appeal!

 For this outfit, I chose a basic grey maxi dress. To add color and to accentuate the waist, I added a red bow belt. Then for accessories I chose a red leopard print scarf and red earrings. For the shoes, I chose a Jeffery Campbell Lita in black.

What do you think?

Comment below to tell us your feedback, which items you are planning to implement into your winter wardrobe! Have fun with it and keep warm! Check out the second half of our Top 10 Trends Below!


By Kiyla Armstead

Spotlight: Top 10 Fall/Winter Trends for Women (10-6)

  • 10. Straight Leg Jeans:

Skinny Leg Jeans are super Versatile and can complement any shape!

Jeans are a must-have for every closet. However, the jeans that are trending this fall/winter are straight leg jeans! The Straight leg jean is the most versatile pair of pants; it works for any outfit. Whether you’re wearing boots, moccasins, flats or heels, straight leg jeans go perfectly! Jeans are perfect whenever you’re going for a more relaxed and casual look. Straight leg jeans are inexpensive and can be found for about $25 dollars or less, depending on the store. Make sure you grab a pair this winter!

9. The Wooly Scarf:

Rust is one of the most popular colors of scarves and goes with almost anything!

As the colder weather approaches, scarves are a necessity to help battle the cold! The perfect type of scarf for this time of year is the big wooly scarf. This scarf can be found at stores such as forever21, Charlotte Russe, H&M, Wet Seal, Urban Outfitters, Target and more. As shown in the image, there are multiple ways of wearing a scarf and they come in all variations of colors. It is ABSOLUTELY necessary to have scarves around because they can easily be matched with any outfit to take it up just a notch! Wooly scarves can be bought for about $15 dollars or less!

8. The Beanie (and Knit Hat):

Top of your look with an awesome beanie!

In the winter, hairstyles are still important. However, what’s more important is what goes on top of the hair! For a signature “city girl” look, a Beanie and/or a knit hat are items that any young woman should want to invest in. Also coming in a range of colors, the Beanie can be worn a multitude of ways. Although usually worn half-off the back of the head, it can also be worn slightly over the forehead. Whether you are having a bad hair day or just want to add some pizzazz to an already beautiful hairstyle, the beanie is a must-have and can be bought for $15 dollars or less!

7. The Pea Coat:

Pick up a peacoat to keep yourself warm AND stylish!

Peacoats come in all different forms. They can be pleated, have double breasted fronts, broad lapels and they often have large wooden or metal buttons. Also, almost all peacoats have vertical or slash pockets. Peacoats can work for both fall and winter weather. Although they are not very thick, they have a lining that can still keep you fairly warm, especially when paired with a scarf and hat. Peacoats can be found in almost every retail store and range in costs.

6. The Combat Boot:


Combat boots are one of the latest booming shoe styles! Derived from the Army where they were originally called “Boots, Combat Service”, the new combat boot has a more modern twist to it in the year 2011. Now, combat boots are created more comfortably. They lace up all the way to the top; therefore, they are adjustable to any calf size and can be made loose or tight. Combat boots, as shown in the pictures above, with their rugged and vintage look, can go with just about any outfit. A pair in brown or black is always a nice additive to a shoe collection and they can be found for about $35 dollars or less!

Posted by: India Lee

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